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REAL LIFE SUPER VILLAIN - Marvin "Killdozer" Heemeyer

Even Super Villains need advice... and role models.

One Man Killing Machine, pilot of a

Is Marvin "Killdozer" Heemeyer a real life super villain?  Not all super villains run a criminal organisations, comic books are full of people who gain (or get themselves) powers (or make or steal something to give them powers) and go on a rampage for some wrong they see as have being done to them.  Some people see Marvin Heemeyer as a hero, but let's test it by applying 10 Rules to Tell if a Character is a Super-villain to him.

Code Name

Real Name:
  • Marvin John Heemeyer.
Other Names:
  • Killdozer - name given him by the media.

Distinctive Look

  • Him, not so much.  His Komatsu D355A bulldozer, however...

Giant Building & Vehicles

  • I really don’t think I have to put anything here.  I mean, really?  You can’t question this one at all.

Shady Past

  • Only came to Granby 10 years earlier with no relatives in town, presumably with a shady past.  Or not.
  • Considered friendly by most people but at least one person claims to have been threatened by him for refusing to pay for his services.


  • Used the adjacent empty lot as access to his muffler shop for years.
  • Fined $2,500 for amongst other things  "junk cars on the property and not being hooked up to the sewer line".
  • Caused over $7 million worth of property damage in about 2 hours.


  • Appealed to the zoning  commission the decision to let a cement manufacturing plant be built next door.
  • Petitioned the city.

Working for the Greater Good

  • Well, working for personal revenge.  But he said that God built the machine for him, so maybe.


  • Seems to been well liked by friends, so probably.


  • He armoured the cabin of the bulldozer with 30 tons of concrete squeezed between 1cm thick steel plates and equipped it with cameras and monitors, rigged up gun ports, the inside was made nearly airtight to resist a potential gas attack and had air conditioning, food, water and life support.  Smart and capable.  Possibly not a genius though.

Action Villain

  • Not personally an action villain, but driving an self-made armoured tank into buildings and vehicles is actiony.

~ DUG.

The above is a work of fiction, an similarity to actual persons living or dead is quite possibly the point, but is not meant to prove that they are actually Super Villains.  We leave it up to them to do that themselves.

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