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REAL LIFE SUPER VILLAIN - Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski

Even Super Villains need advice... and role models.

Hired Killer

Not all super villains run a criminal organisations, comic books and Bond films are full of psychopathic killers who sell their natural talents.  So is Richard Kuklinski a super villain?  Let's check the 10 Rules to Tell if a Character is a Super Villain.

Code Name

No longer stylish

Real Name:
  • Richard Kuklinski
Other Names:
  • "The Iceman" - name given him because he sometimes froze bodies to hide the time of death.
  • "The Polack" - due to his Polish heritage.

Distinctive Look

A previous Real Life Super Villain.
  • Giant Building & VehiclesNot particularly, in fact the balding with a beard look is shared by Marvin John "Killdozer" Heemeyer.

  • No, beyond warehouses used for stripping vehicles.  However, assassin type super villains are more about special weapons and techniques of killing.
  • Claims to have used knives, chainsaws, cyanide-laced burgers, rats to kill people.

Shady Past

  • The child of abusive parents (who killed his older brother and blamed a fall down the stairs) who was torturing animals by age 10.
  • Claims that before he was 14, he beat to death Charlie Lane, a local bully, with a metal rod.  He then almost beat to death the remaining 6 members of Lane's gang.
  • Became a street hustler known for beating or killing those he didn't like and claims to have become connected to the Gambino Crime Family

Similar picture to many criminals.


  • Claims his talent for killing was recognised and he became the go to hitman for New York's Five Families resulting in at least 200 kills.  Mob hit man could by some be considered criminal.


Similar picture to many criminals.
  • Married with 3 children, seen as a happy, well-adjusted family by their neighbours, hosting BBQs and pool parties and attending church on Sundays.  Kuklinski, however, continued the cycle of domestic violence behind closed doors.

Working for the Greater Good

The Iceman spoke a lot of Bull.
  • Not really, however, he died of unknown causes just before testifying against Sammy "The Bull" Gravano.


Probably not talking about breasts.
  • Gained fame through a number of documentaries based around interviews with him.


The Graduate.
  •  As noted named "The Iceman" because he sometimes froze bodies to hide the time of death.  Not genius-level stuff but not a dumb killer.
  • Then again, confessed on tape to multiple murders to an uncover FBI agent.

Worst.  Reservoir Dogs reenactment.  Ever.
  • Hands on killer, so pretty actiony.

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The above is a work of fiction, an similarity to actual persons living or dead is quite possibly the point, but is not meant to prove that they are actually Super Villains.  We leave it up to them to do that themselves.

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