Sunday, 20 April 2014


Even Super Villains need advice... and role models.

Founder of Scientology

Author, Traveller, Explorer, Aviator.

Was L Ron Hubbard a real life super villain?  Does creating a cult count?  Let's test it by applying 10 Rules to Tell if a Character is a Super-villain to him.

Code Name

Real Name:  Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

Other Names:

  • Winchester Remington Colt
  • Kurt von Rachen
  • RenĂ© Lafayette
  • Joe Blitz
  • Flash Hubbard
  • Legionnaire 148.

Distinctive Look

Giant Building & Vehicles

St Hill Manor & mock Castle

Gold Base

Church of Spiritual Technology ranch Creston

Shady Past

Documentation from Hubbard's childhood and the stories that Scientology tell of his life differ, not really dramatically or interestingly, but it does make his past a little shady.


Named as an unindicted co-conspirator in an investigation into Operation Snow White.


Operation Snow White was alleged to be an attempt by the Church of Scientology to remove unfavourable records about itself and Hubbard.  Sounds like a grab for legitimacy, if it happened.

Working for the Greater Good

Hubbard founded Dianetics, a set of ideas about the metaphysical relationship between mind and body, which presumably works for the greater good, if it happens.


He started a religion.  Come on.


Hubbard is claimed to have been a nuclear physicist with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including photography, art, poetry, and philosophy.

Action Villain

Hubbard is claimed to have been a pioneering explorer, world traveller, barnstorming aviator.


Considering the litigious nature of Scientology, it is clear that L. Ron Hubbard is not a Super Villain and this post is completely meant in jest.  So if you do the survey below, reflect that in your answer.

- DUG.

[Real Life Super Villains]

The above is a work of fiction, an similarity to actual persons living or dead is quite possibly the point, but is not meant to prove that they are actually Super Villains.  We leave it up to them to do that themselves.