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REAL LIFE SUPER VILLAIN - Joyce "Madam Mayhem" McKinney

Even Super Villains need advice... and role models.

Joyce Bernann McKinney

Not every Supervillain is a Bond style Mastermind.  Some are comic book Catwoman-style villains.  Do the film rules from 10 Rules to Tell If A Character is a Supervillain apply to her?

Code Name

Madam Mayhem

Also Known As:
  • Lexi Martin - name used as a model.
  • Joey - name used in ads for "services".
  • Matilda - a name she used while wearing a black wig (that she also called Matilda).
  • Kathie Vaughn Bare - the name she entered the UK under.
  • Bernann McKinney - clever false name used to get the first commercial cloning of a dog from South Korea.  Bernann initially denied she was Joyce.
  • Other names used on passports included - Mrs Bosler, Cathy Van Deusen, Heidi Krasler, and Mrs. Palmquist.

Distinctive Look

  • Millie the Sheep-dog: was her constant companion on modelling assignments and when with other clients.  The dog had a wireless microphone hidden in his collar, allowing Steve to monitor activity.  It was through the fact that she always had the dog with her that allowed Daily Mirror journalists to identify her despite her use of alias.
  • Hamburger/Booger the Pit bull:  found by Joyce by the side of the road, saved her when attacked by her guard dog.  When he died, she paid to have him cloned in South Korea as the first ever commercial pet cloning.  She now has 5 clones of Booger.

Shady Past

McKinney's past may have included nude modelling and prostitution.  She was certainly a glamour model but there are suggestions (and photos) of more.  Claims include nude massage, bondage and nude female wrestling.  There are claims that services would include oral sex, but her "playmate" Laura would provide any additional services required.  McKinney denies this.

In comics there is something called Retconning (Retroactive continuity) where changes are made to a character's history.  Catwoman has been had prostitution retconned into and out of her history a number of times, including partial or fake prostitution.

Other features of McKinney's past have undergone ret-cons, too.  She may have lost her virginity to her victim in Utah during their initial relationship and gotten pregnant (but had a miscarriage) or she may have lost her virginity to him while he was chained to a bed in England or may still be a virgin.  She has also described herself as a grandmother.


"The Case of the Manacled Mormon"
  • McKinney is most famous for, at the age of 25, the kidnapping and rape of a her ex-boyfriend, a 19 year old Mormon Missionary, in England in 1977.  She was found guilty of in absentia after fleeing leaving the country while on bail. 
  • She was questioned by police for allegedly stalking the same man (now married and a father) at his place of work in the US in 1984.
  • In the 2010 documentary Tabloid she claims to still love him and that there has been no other man.
  • British police have stated that due to the age of the case, they will not seek extradition.

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor & the Three-Legged Horse
  • In Tennessee in 2004 McKinney was due to appear in court on charges of Criminal Conspiracy to  Commit Burglary and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (convincing a 15 year old to commit a burglary.)
  • She claimed that she needed money for a prosthetic leg for her three-legged horse.
  • Her lawyer had not seen her since she missed a court date having fled left Tennessee. 
  • In 2008 prosecutors were said to be reviewing the case before deciding whether to press charges.

Animal Rescue
  • At one point McKinney broke into an animal shelter to rescue a pitbull that was to be put down for mauling a jogger.


Upon getting bail McKinney became a bit of a celebrity, attending a Saturday Night Fever after party and the premieres of The Stud being photographed with the rich and famous just before she jumped bail and left the country.  On that point she would like to be clear that she did not "flee" the England, she merely left it.  In a fat suit.  While pretending to be a deaf-mute.  Under a false identity stolen from a corpse.

Working for the Greater Good

McKinney claims that she kidnapped her Mormon ex-boyfriend to free him from the brainwashing of the Mormon church.  She claims that he was a willing participant in leaving the church and that she lost her virginity to him that weekend to help free him from their grasp.  The fact that he was tied to the bed (other sources claim mink-lined handcuffs or manacles) was to cure his impotence caused by church indoctorinated sexual repression.


McKinney was a former Miss USA contestant, a Miss Wyoming winner and a nude and glamour model so she was certainly considered attractive.  Ex-boyfriend, Steve Moskowitz (who admitted they did not have sex) claimed to still be in love with her years later.  Keith May was commonly described as being obsessed with her.  There are even claims of a relationship with Wayne Osmond.  Interviews in the documentary Tabloid even suggest that newsmen Peter Tory and Kent Gavin who worked the story from different sides for different papers during the original scandal still held a torch for her.  In interview in the documentary she described testifying at her trial and expressed thankfulness for her acting lessons.


Joyce McKinney had a 168 IQ and qualified for accelerated learning classes.  

Action Villain

McKinney's alleged services include whips and bondage and nude wrestling.  During her trial she also stated of her victim:  "I loved him so much that I would ski naked down Mount Everest with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to" which sounds very action-girl to me.


Steve Moskowitz

Moskowitz would wait in the car and monitor transmissions from Millie's collar to make sure things with clients didn't get out of hand.  "Nobody had sex with Joyce," he said when asked by a reporter about their relationship.  When McKinney was in England, had the keys to her apartment and looked after her dog, Millie.  Although he claimed he still loved her, he sold her out to reporters: supplying photos from her apartment and giving names of photographers in exchange for a promise to be taken to England for her trial.

Russian Exchange Student/Prostitute

Joyce's "playmate" in her "glamour photography" days.  Topless pictures of Laura also exist.

Keith Joseph "KJ" May
aka Paul van Duesen, Bob Bosler
Right Hand Man/Slave

Friend-zoned follower who was described by many who met him as as obsessed with McKinney as she was with her victim.

Jackson Shaw

He fled England when he was finally told what the real plan was.

Gil Parker

Gil Parker was a body builder from Gold's Gym brought along as, appropriately, muscle.  He became increasing agitated going through customs in England and left soon after.

Character Relaunch

Madame Mayhem

How could someone truly be considered a Comic Book Supervillain without a completely unrelated character appearing years later with the same or a similar name?  This version is clearly married and French.
~ DUG.
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The above is a work of fiction, an similarity to actual persons living or dead is quite possibly the point, but is not meant to prove that they are actually Super Villains.  We leave it up to them to do that themselves.

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  1. The phony Mormons undoubtedly funded the cover-up for Kirk Anderson and insidiously distorted the truth of his willingness to copulate with McKinney. It is very plausible that McKinney broke through his sexual repressions through a stimulating subjugation with cuffs (if that has any credibility) to rid Anderson of his guilt by giving him an opportunity for a specious course of thought that said, "I am being forced to do this and it's not my fault." It appears that therapy worked well as his ensuing performances went splendidly ... many times.